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6th General Conference of Bible Society of Uzbekistan

The 6th General Conference of Bible Society of Uzbekistan took place in Christian church “Svyatost” on 29th of April.  

As the delegates were representatives of Uzbekistan Christian groups such as: Tashkent and Uzbekistan Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, Rome-Catholic Church, German-Evangelical Lutheran Church, Evangelical Church of Baptists, Christian Churches of full Gospel, Christian Church of Seventh-day Adventists, the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Presbyterian Church of Uzbekistan, Tashkent City Church of Christ and also representatives of other local Churches of Uzbekistan.


Also, there were plenipotentiaries of United Bible Society Babiychuk A.I., Raychynets A.V., and plenipotentiary of Committee of Religious Affairs of Republic of Uzbekistan Kadirov B.M.

The conference heard reports of the President of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan Kahn S.D., Executive Director Ashirov H.U., and the Chairman of the Audit Commission Ternovoy S.V.

The delegates of Conference have been satisfied of work which Bible Society of Uzbekistan has done.

Further, in the course of the Conference the Board of the Bible Society was re-elected for the next period of work.

The newly elected Board includes:: Ashirov Halmat Uglamovich,  Vibe Korney Korneevich, Drabkov Ivan Afanas’evich, Kan Sergey Den-Girovich, Ternovoy Sergey Vladimirovich, Lorecyan Artak, Muhammedov Yuriy Yurievich, Kim Dmitriy Vladimirovich, Shomaxunov Talgat Nuraxunovich.

Among the Board Kan S.D. was elected as a president and Ternovoy S.V. as a vise-president of Bible Society of Uzbekistan.

From among the delegates of the Conference was elected auditing committee, chaired by Alexander Yun.

During the General Conference delegates identified the main tasks for the future activities of Bible Society of Uzbekistan. The most important is the translation of the Bible into the Uzbek language, the development of the Bible Society offices in all regions of Uzbekistan, as well as the creation of libraries of Christian literature for all comers.




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