Published on Sunday, 19 January 2014 14:41
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Meeting with the Representatives of the Ukrainian Bible Society

Today the Chairman of the Committee on Religious Affairs O. Yusupov met with a delegation including the Deputy Secretary General of the Ukrainian Bible Society A. Raychinets, President of the International Assembly of Evangelical Christians (IAEC) N. Grip, Vice-president of IAEC M. Panochko and the Executive Director of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan H. Ashirov.

During the meeting, O. Yusupov greeted the guests and recounted the details of interdenominational relationships in Uzbekistan as well as the basic activities of religious organizations.  The guests expressed their gratitude for the appointment and told him about some aspects of religion in the Ukraine.  They shared their admiring impressions of their first visit to Uzbekistan, especially of the sites of interest they saw in the historical cities of our country.  N. Grip remarked that the conditions, created for believers and religious organizations in Uzbekistan, as well as the equal consideration, given to each of them, are highly appreciated. 

In confirmation of the guests' remarks O. Yusupov said that at the core of this is wise government policy, promoting tolerance among religious groups, under the thoughtful guidance of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.  Most importantly, there is peace and serenity in our country, a peaceful co-existence of more than 130 nations, affiliated with different religious confessions, and their mutually respectful attitude.  The head of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan H. Ashirov, who accompanied the delegation, also expressed his gratitude to the Committee for Religious Affairs for their consideration of all the religious confessions, operating in accordance with the national legislature.  Friendly environment permeated the interview. 

The guests also visited the Bible Society of Uzbekistan.  H. Ashirov showed them around the building, related the history of BSU's origins and the story of how it was founded, told them about the the Society's activities and about Christians in Uzbekistan.


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