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The Bible Society of Uzbekistan was 20 years old!

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A festive celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan was held on September 16th, 2013 at Uspensky Cathedral in Tashkent City.

The Bible Society is an interdenominational religious Christian organization in the Republic of Uzbekistan, founded to promote the right of the citizens of Uzbekistan to freedom of religion.  It exists to support peace and mutual tolerance, mutual respect between citizens of different religious confessions as well as non-religious citizens.


The Metropolitan of Tashkent and Uzbekistan Vikenty; the Chairman of the Committee for Religious Issues of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan Artikbek Yusupov; the Bishop of Evangelical-Lutheran Church Cornelius Vibe, the Bishop of Roman Catholic Apostolic Administration of Uzbekistan Jerzy Maculewicz; the Head of Department for Partnership of the United Bible Societies Terje Hartberg, the Head of the Department of Norwegian Bible Society Bernt Olsen, and the Coordinator of the United Bible Societies in India – Julian Sundersingh – congratulated the Bible Society of Uzbekistan in their addresses.  As well as the representatives of the Bible Society of the Ukraine – Aleksandr Babiychuk, Vasiliy Lutsishin and Anatoliy Raychinets.  Secretary General of the Bible Society of Uzbekistan Halmat Ashirov reported on the activities of the Society for the past 20 years.

Samples of books, both imported into the country and locally published by the Bible Society in Uzbekistan, were introduced at the event.  There was also a presentation of “Mukaddas Kitob” (The New Testament) – the first complete translation of a Christian book into the Uzbek language, published in Uzbekistan.  The presentation was conducted by Marina Lomova, the Deputy Director of Institute for Bible Translation.

At the end of the anniversary celebration the participants were given a tour of Uspensky Cathedral.





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